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The Vestry Handbook – The Vestry handbook for the Diocese of Atlanta was updated and published in February 2012. It may be downloaded and duplicated as needed by clicking below:

Vestry Handbook: Understanding the Role & Work of the Vestry

The 2015 Vestry table
The following lists the members of the Vestry elected by the parish at the 2015 Annual Parish Meeting. Each member is responsible for different areas of Parish Life for which they serve as liaisons.  

Note: Vestry meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 5:30 pm in the Jordan Room, located on the 2nd floor of the Administration/Classroom building. Parish members are welcome to attend any Vestry meeting. Minutes from Vestry meetings are always made available here on our website. Our archived Vestry minutes from previous years are bound and can be found upstairs in our library. You are welcome to visit our library at anytime.

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Craig Courville







Craig Courville   Term ends 2017

L. Grogan, Jr.

Lee Grogan, Jr.







Lee Grogan, Jr.   Term ends 2018


Helen Harper







Helen Harper   Term ends 2017


Nell Hudson







Nell Hudson   Term Ends 2016

Trip Parker

Forrest “Trip” Parker







Forrest “Trip” Parker   Term Ends 2018


Rachael Peek







Rachael Peek   Term Ends 2016


Bill Perkins







William “Bill” Perkins   SENIOR WARDEN Term Ends 2016


Brinkley Pound







Brinkley Pound   CLERK Term ends 2017


Garry Pound







Garry Pound   Term ends 2017

Peggy Augustine

Dr. Peggy Augustine-Shorter







Dr. Peggy Augustine-Shorter   Term ends 2018

C. Woods

Cheryl Woods







Cheryl Woods  Term Ends 2018


David Young







David Young   JUNIOR WARDEN Term Ends 2016

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